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Out of the box products with the power of Dutch design

  • Thin led signs, with or without profile for textile or acrylic panel, integrated in POS displays? The sky is the limit!

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  • Quality due to production in our own facility

    Production and management are situated in the Netherlands: this means clear and short communication lines. To us, your problem is a challenge and quality a condition.

  • Fotolight lets your design come to life out every synthetic material, wood or aluminium.

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  • Large knowledge of materials and technical know-how offer you a total package from cash desk to price card holder.

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    Shop Interior
  • Mostly small and light materials for promotional support are a ‘walk in the park’ for Fotolight

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    Point-Of-Sales materials
  • Fotolight contributes in solutions for led signs, box letters and light boxes in all kinds of dimensions

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    Illuminated advertising
  • Fotolight contributes in solutions for led signs, box letters and light boxes in all kinds of dimensions

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    Facade advertising
  • A new corporate identity? Fotolight is very experienced in multiple skills in realising your new corporate identity!

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    Corporate identity elements
  • Stickers, posters, large-format banners and panels, all in one hand!

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  • Fotolight has years of experience in signposting concerning whole buildings, train stations and publicly owned land.

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  • Lettering out of synthetic materials, vinyl foil, aluminium, steel and wood: your design is our challenge!

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Techniques we've mastered, like no-one else

  • Not only cutting of synthetic materials but also engraving and etching are among our skills.

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    Laser cutting
  • Fotolight advises on all our laser skills in combination with for instance light diffusing panels

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    LED technology
  • The effect of detailed craftsmanship

    Due to the combination of years of experience in multiple materials and technical skills, Fotolight offers a strong ability of problem solving in the area of advertising

  • 3 silk-screen printing machines, 1 large-format flatbed UV digital printer, a printer/cutter, a movie-
    maker and a plotter ensure flexibility.

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    Digital printing and silk-screen printing
  • By having all skills and knowledge in our own hand we are able to offer high quality and short delivery time

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    Prototyping and engineering
  • 3 CNC Moulding machines for all kinds of synthetic material, wood and aluminium ensure our flexibility

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    CNC cutting and moulding
  • Fotolight has experts in combining high quality silk-screen printing with thermoforming

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    Thermoforming combined with silk-screen printing
  • LED technology and electronical controllable engineering for e.g. price signs and other kinds of illumination.

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    Electrical engineering
  • Innovative concepts with touchscreens and “invisible” beamer systems for moving logo’s

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    Interactive concepts
  • Composite panels are moulded, sown, channelled, folded, glued and finished off

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    Processing (light weight) composite panel
  • With 3 installation buses and a flexible possibility to expand Fotolight can meet every demand

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    Installation and logistics (through whole Europe)

Discover the advantages of working with Fotolight

By having all production processes in our own hand we are able to be very flexible and to anticipate quickly on changing desires of our partners
Fotolight has had experience in business relations with world players such as Texaco, Heineken, Q-Park and Douwe Egberts since 1955. The corresponding high demands are a positive challenge for Fotolight.
By combining years of experience in different technical areas of manufacturing advertising signs Fotolight allows itself to be a unique company with a solution for almost every challenge in the area of advertising. Synergy between the departments results in a high-worthy end product.
Pro-actively and reactively Fotolight continuously develops new products in the market. In this respect Fotolight does not hesitate to think out-of-the-box in order to stand out at the end of the process and to still be cost effective when producing.

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