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New corporate identity shops

Zorg en Zekerheid healt insurance company

Fotolight was assigned by Zorg en Zekerheid to rebrand the outdoor corporate identity . This concerns 6 establishments in the province of South Holland. The last corporate identity was implemented by Fotolight as well. The key is to visit all locations in a short amount of time in order to create a smooth transition. The exposed character of this health insurance company is of high importance. The various production techniques Fotolight possesses are very well expressed in all these projects. 

Zorg en Zekerheid

Locations Leiden, Lisse, Katwijk, Hoofddorp, Alphen aan den Rijn and Amstelveen are the locations where Fotolight makes an effort to create a new corporate identity.  Standard facade cladding consists of aluminium composite panel light boxes. The logo is pushed through so the led illumination can create a nice 3D image. However, 2 branches were fitted with illuminated box letters. Moreover, the nicely designed double sided light signs were created as a replacement of the outdated old ones. To finish it all up we also created the door-knob with the new corporate identity. 

Zorg en Zekerheid Leiden

In Leiden the box letters were replaced by the new logo and new box letters. The signing as a whole is now more subtle. Because the facade is not straight we had to take this fact into account when producing the new mounting system. Also two double sided light signs were added.

Zorg en Zekerheid Lisse

Lisse received 2 new light boxes. The difference with the old ones is that we had to use blockout foil to mount on the front of the letters so we could create a halo at night. Only subtle illumination is permitted here because people also live in this shopping street! The new logo light box above the entrance is fitted in the same way.

Zorg en Zekerheid Katwijk

In Katwijk the light box was replaced, also including blockout foil. The “ear” shaped light box was replaced by the new square shaped light box as well on this location.

Zorg en Zekerheid Hoofddorp

In Hoofddorp the bottom of the balcony was completely renewed. The challenge was that the cladding pulls back on both sides but Fotolight prefabricated this by means of CC-milling so the installation itself was no rocket science anymore. Also the square lightbox was installed here.

Zorg en Zekerheid Alphen aan de Rijn

In Alphen we had to install 2 box letter texts on both sides of the store to create enough visibility. Above the entrance we mounted a logo behind the glass and the door knobs make it all complete!