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Shop Interior

The first impression of your shop is most important

In the early days Fotolight started as a supplier of vinyl decoration, light boxes and displays. We developed these disciplines into being a complete partner and the missing link in engineering the optimal first impression in order to create a successful formula for your shop! 


A counter or cash desk does not only have to be just a support for the sales person in a shop or at an exhibition. Fotolight always tries to integrate different techniques into these products. One can think of illuminated elements with exchangeable panels or fabrics. The strength of the construction is provided within whereas the outside can be cladded with different types of veneer foils and synthetic materials. In order to prepare the counters for exhibitions we equip the counters with wheels.


  • Internal strong construction
  • Different materials possible
  • Mobile
  • Different types of finishing possible
  • Illuminated if necessary

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In order to clarify sign posting in your shop or to emphasise certain brands, often indoor light boxes are used. TL used to be the light source but nowadays led s the word! With the introduction of led far more possibilities came because we could shape the illumination in all  kinds of ways and our colour range is widened. At the same time energy power is reduced whereas the environment is less burdened and costs are lowered.


  • Illumination with leds
  • Single or double sided
  • Shaping possibilities are bigger
  • Aluminium, steel, wood or synthetic materials
  • Very thin signs possible


Shop-in-shop concepts, which are often used in cosmetics, are presented more and more on a shelf. The brand is displayed in a subtle way and the upright front can even be backlit so it stands out more in comparison with the other brands. In certain furniture, printing is added on the side panels to give the whole product more branding.


  • Subtle communication
  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Large quantities easy to produce and quick deliveries
  • High attention by illumination
  • Silkscreen print and digital printing


Fotolight is able to produce in various methods for shop interior. Data can be processed onto synthetic materials, aluminium, wood or foil. Full wall coverings, fabrics, light box panels, top cards, panel signs and window decorations are just some examples. Depending on the desired outcome, the choice is made between the available techniques thus creating great flexibility!


  • No limitation in execution
  • Large choice of materials
  • Temporary deals with semi-longlasting vinyl foil
  • All techniques concentrated at one place


A nice way to present your brand or company name is by means of 3D letters executed from acrylic material. Fotolight is able to laser cut from almost every thickness whereas we mount self adhesive foil or spacers onto the backside of the logo or letter. Because we also supply the installation mould it is very easy to mount the sign onto a wall.


  • Easy installation
  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Lower costs than illuminated logo
  • All colours are possible by means of spray painting and / or vinyl decoration
  • Short delivery time