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Printing onto every surface you desire

The whole area of printing has made giant steps last decades. In the streets standardised posters and billboards are mixed with ever growing bigger banners and panels. With our technical know-how on for instance the surface we will provide you with a custom made advise!


Fotolight possesses a 2x3 meters flatbed printer so media with these dimensions can be printed as a whole. The maximum thickness will be 110mm. while at the same time we are able to vary in numerous kinds of materials! Examples are almost all synthetic materials, wood, aluminium, foil and glass. Would you desire a material onto which we have not printed yet, we can always test and show you the result. Next to direct print we can still print sticker materials and mount them onto panels if you prefer this kind of look and feel.


  • 2x3 meter direct print untill 110mm. thick
  • Almost all synthetic materials, metals, wood
  • Large and small series
  • Flexible

Tension fabric

Tension fabrics for aluminium profile are available backlit or non-illuminated. Because Fotolight has the ability to laser etch light diffusing panels (led panels) combined with installation it is also an option to supply the fabric at the same time, as easy as 123! The textile profile is 32mm. deep (or deeper) but when you choose the non-illuminated type it is of course not necessary to go that deep. Also standing single or double sided columns are possible.


  • Various dimensions are possible
  • With or without lighting source
  • Ledsigns 32mm. deep
  • Wall installation, self-standing or double sided
  • Ceiling panels 600x600mm.

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A favourable way of putting your brand or message across will always be the banner. It is possible to produce huge banners for reasonable prices. In this way you reach a large audience very quickly. This means can also be a solution for construction projects to cover the excavation and at the same time put a message across. Moreover, long-term banners are used including supports to mount onto the façade of a shop or an office. In both cases we can vary endlessly!


  • Large formats possible
  • With tube frame or loose elastic strings
  • Mesh banners wind resistant
  • Banners including desired mounting system
  • Exchangeable