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Lettering all kinds of types

Fotolight has been a full service supplier of lettering for years. Big illuminated box letters are no problem but little texts out of vinyl are neither. Your design will be turned into a physical end product in no time! 


Façade letters or logos are available in all sorts and dimensions. Indoor and outdoor use are possible. Led illumination makes it possible to produce very hollow letters and to vary in all sorts of execution. Fotolight is capable of supplying all types: illuminated directly or indirectly, steel, wood, synthetic materials: too many possibilities to mention on this page! Let your ideas take their courses und just stop by to see what is possible. Also without illumination it is still possible to stand out! 


  • Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, wood or acrylic
  • All colours are possible
  • Printing, silk screening,  painting, powder coating and vinyl decorations
  • Direct or indirect illumination
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Small and large
  • Installation on location


A car fleet has to have consistent car signing. Fotolight projects your ideas onto your car after which you can approve the design. Referred to this design or your comments we will mount the signing onto your car (fleet) at your premises or at our own factory in Zwanenburg, the Netherlands.


  • Design for approval
  • Very wide range of colours in vinyl foil
  • Full colour visuals possible
  • Magnet stickers for temporary installation
  • One-way vision foil for window coverage
  • Installation on location

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Window decoration often is a support for the bigger picture of a facade. One can think of vinyl foil with variations in colours, etched glass, sun blocking foil but also special types of foil such as gold, brushed bronze and architectural foils. Over the years we see more 3D materials, often acrylic, which are mounted onto windows  directly. 


  • Prespaced vinyl foil in many colours
  • Sun blocking foil
  • Privacy foil
  • Full colour visuals
  • 3D Acrylic letters and logos

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Fotolight possesses milling and laser cutting machines that make it possible to cut out thick acrylic letters very tightly. Backside of the letters is made self-adhesive in order to make it possible to easy mount letters and logos onto walls or glass.  When spacers are needed, this will still be possible of course! 


  • All kinds of acrylic possible
  • Easy mounting possible with prepared mould
  • Short time delivery
  • Advice per surface
  • Installation on location