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Illuminated advertising

Custom made production and installation

Started as producer of “photo lights”, nowadays called “photo light boxes”, Fotolight has always tried to stay one step ahead in this dynamic world. Light attracts! TL illumination and neon have been replaced by led whereas we put the latest innovations in motion directly!


When we talk about facade advertising one can think of all elements in advertising contributing to the first physical impression of your company. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to create a well thought image which lies in line of the desired identification of your brand. Fotolight cooperates technically in the field of illuminated signs, panels, light boxes, banners or what so ever. Because we have all techniques in one hand, no idea is far-fetched!


  • (Non-)illuminated lettering
  • Light boxes
  • Facade panels
  • Front-lit banners and flags
  • Concealed lighting and spots
  • Moving screens
  • Led matrix screens
  • Light lines

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Once inside the shop or company premises communication is very important as well. Next to functional communication such as sign posting and new promotional messages it is relevant as well to repeat the brand name in different ways and positions in order to print the brand into the memory of the client. Illuminated panels, click frames, light boxes and led panels, 3D logo’s etc. are options. Partly integrated as an illuminated element or a led screen in a display these signs will appeal to your imagination!


  • Indoor light boxes
  • Ledsigns
  • 3D logo's
  • Illuminated clickframes
  • Cash desk numbering
  • Led panels in every desired dimension and colour
  • Moving screens


In order to make your interior really luxurious you can choose to illuminate counters, cash desks, furniture and stairs. Subtle, white illuminated shelves on the one hand but also complete walls, illuminated with various colours to create a certain vibe (moodwall). If you share your wishes, together we can brainstorm an ultimate solution!


  • Led illumination in RGB and various white colours
  • Plug-n-play or as a complete product
  • Luxurious or subtle
  • Durable and eye-catching
  • Functional and/or artistic
  • Supporting with developing a lighting plan


Box letters or logos are available in all sorts and dimensions. Indoor and outdoor use are possible. Very subtle texts behind a counter that indicate the core values of your company are nice first impressions. On the other hand one can think of life-size letters at the top of a skyscraper to enhance visibility of your brand! For this whole spectrum Fotolight is the right address! Led illumination makes it possible to think “out-of-the-box” so do not limit your own thoughts for possible executions, let us be honest: you want to be different than others?


  • Led illuminated box letters
  • Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, wood or acrylic
  • All colours are possible
  • Printing, silk screening,  painting, powder coating and vinyl decorations
  • Direct or indirect illumination
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Small and large
  • Installation on location


Indoor and outdoor led lines can be chosen to create various signings. Outdoor mostly a whole building or rooftop is outlined. Indoor possibilities are much broader. Because flexible lines can be supplied, you can use this in your whole interior. In dark spaces one can suffice without mounting a large lamp. Not only the luxurious outlining of furniture but also illumination of products on shelves or showcases is used.


  • Flexibel
  • Leds
  • Groot kleurenspectrum
  • Indoor en outdoor
  • Lichtplan advies
  • Montage op locatie mogelijk


Fotolight has been full service supplier of big oil companies for the past 60 years. The result is a high experience level in the field of price signs. These large signs along the highway develop during time. Because leds have to be visible in full sunlight Fotolight only goes for the best quality! Next to price communication it is also possible to use the led screens for dynamic promotional purposes.


  • Clear and fast communication
  • Digitally remote
  • One colour or RGB
  • Single or double sided
  • Installation on location
  • Combination with decorated panels