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Facade advertising

Your custom made business card

Facade advertising is one of the most important ways to attract attention to your brand when we are speaking of corporate identity, first impression, image, attention and brand awareness. This is the first sight of your company and therefore of the highest value!


Box letters or logos are available in all sorts and dimensions. Indoor and outdoor use are possible. Led illumination makes it possible to produce very hollow letters and to vary in all sorts of execution. Fotolight is capable of supplying all types: illuminated directly or indirectly, steel, wood, synthetic materials: too many possibilities to mention on this page! Let your ideas take their courses und just stop by to see what is possible. Also without illumination it is still possible to stand out! 


  • Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, wood or acrylic
  • All colours are possible
  • Printing, silk screening,  painting, powder coating and vinyl decorations
  • Direct or indirect illumination
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Small and large
  • Installation on location


Next to conventional light boxes with TL lighting or led Fotolight is specialised in producing custom made light boxes. Fotolight supplies very shallow light boxes with your print or logo in every desired dimension. Even a certain unique shap is no problem. Often we use aluminium composite panel for this purpose because this can easily be milled and used for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Aluminium, steel, stainless steel, wood or synthetic materials
  • Printing, silk screen printing, lackering, powder coating and vinyl decoration
  • Housing in RAL
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Small and large dimensions
  • Installation on location
  • Optional service contract


Window decoration often is a support for the bigger picture of a facade. One can think of vinyl foil with variations in colours, etched glass, sun blocking foil but also special types of foil such as gold, brushed bronze and architectural foils. Over the years we see more 3D materials, often acrylic, which are mounted onto windows  directly.           


  • Prespaced vinyl foil in many colours
  • Sun blocking foil
  • Privacy foil
  • Full colour visuals
  • 3D Acrylic letters and logos              

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A favourable way of putting your brand or message across will always be the banner. It is possible to produce huge banners for reasonable prices. In this way you reach a large audience very quickly. This means can also be a solution for construction projects to cover the excavation and at the same time put a message across. Moreover, long-term banners are used including supports to mount onto the façade of a shop or an office. In both cases we can vary endlessly!


  • Large formats possible
  • With tube frame or loose elastic strings
  • Mesh banners wind resistant
  • Banners including desired mounting system
  • Exchangeable