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Corporate identity elements

Uniform appearance executed professionally

Fotolight has taken care of various corporate identity elements for key players such as Q-Park, the Dutch Railroad, and Dutch insurance company “Zorg en Zekerheid”. Facade advertising is one thing but to consistently carry out corporate identity throughout a whole company or chain of shops is a different story. Fotolight collaborates with her partners and clients in order to realise the ideal end result. 


Wayfinding is an important part of information supply in companies, at railway stations, industrial areas, amusement parks and so on. Before layout is designed, it is important to create a thought through plan to make sure the different streams of passengers are well organised. On project level we have to decide which kind of panels are to be used: is illumination necessary? Does it have to be eye-catching or just functional? Does the floor space have to be used? For all of these elements Fotolight has the solution!


  • Illuminated and non-illuminated
  • Print or decorated with vinyl
  • Uniform panels or custom made
  • Floor striping or led lines
  • Escape route signalisation
  • Smoking area signalisation


In public space advertising columns are often used as clear elements for upcoming traffic. Because of the dimensions and the level of lighting attention can be drawn to your company or the information about your company within a split second. For indoor use the columns are mostly used for emphasising the corporate identity, to supply information or maybe even to show an introduction film on an integrated display.


  • Very large dimensions possible
  • Single sided and double sided
  • (non-)illuminated
  • Steel, aluminium and synthetic materials
  • Experience in extreme climates
  • Correct calculation of construction and base plate
  • Installation on location 

Gas station identification

Fotolight has been full service supplier for gas stations of the big oil companies since the sixties. In this respect, Fotolight is specialised in complete rebranding of a gas station. Parts of this change consist of gas pump decoration, product identification, price signs but also complete stickering of the canopy, the shop and replacement of the ceiling spots.


  • Price signs and led screens
  • Aluminium or composite panel canopies
  • Pump door stickering
  • Logo signs
  • Shop stickering
  • Shop interior 


A car fleet has to have consistent car signing. Fotolight projects your ideas onto your car after which you can approve the design. Referred to this design or your comments we will mount the signing onto your car (fleet) at your premises or at our own factory in Zwanenburg, the Netherlands.


  • Design for approval
  • Very wide range of colours in vinyl foil
  • Full colour visuals possible
  • Magnet stickers for temporary installation
  • One-way vision foil for window coverage
  • Installation on location