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Problem solving since 1955

Fotolight stands for more than half a century of experience, craftsmanship, innovation and versatility. Operating out of the production facility in Zwanenburg, near Schiphol, Amsterdam, nearly all projects in the area of advertising are executable. Because all technical skills are managed under one roof, ongoing challenging results can be offered. Your design is studied intensively in order to come to an optimal end product by using the most appropriate processes and materials!


Fotolight was founded by an ex train driver from the Dutch East Indies Steam Company after WW II. It was the time that new synthetic materials came onto the market such as Perspex® from the USA.

Fotolight started manufacturing products for the advertising market in an old soda bottling company previously owned by the De Kroon brothers in Diemen, a suburb of Amsterdam. One of the products was a small diapositive box, a “fotolight”, which is probably where the company’s name is derived from.
Soon Mr. B.A. van Iersel joined the company, the father of present CEO/owner, Mr. T.P. van Iersel. He became responsible for sales. During that time, cars were not yet so common so he travelled mostly by train through the Netherlands and rented a bike on the spot in order to visit potential customers. Within short time meetings with A-brands were successfully closed. Early accounts would be: Shell, Texaco, Totalfina, BP, Heineken, Makro, Gazelle, Polaroid and Concordia Insurance.
 As a result of the centre idea being “supplying top quality to A-brands”, during the past decades many more great names in international business were added.  Moreover, as a result of the continuously changing demand for advertising materials, the machinery grew accordingly. The different departments electric assembly, screen printing, decoration, machining of synthetic materials and installation form a synergy together with the CNC milling machines, laser cutting/etching machines, screen printing machines and the UV digital printers.
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For activities in the construction industry Fotolight produces construction materials out of synthetic materials under the name of Construction-Display. In this respect examples are prefab construction materials, daylight solutions, cladding from composite panels, finishing profiles and sound barriers. As a result of years of experience and built up know how in synthetic materials, this entity was grounded in 2005 in order to supply materials to the construction companies in a modern way. For more information please visit .

Fotolight nowadays and in the future

Fotolight is a dynamic company. As a result of the ongoing technological progress Fotolight must act accordingly to satisfy the needs in the market. Innovation is always a main asset. In advertising it is important to always stand out and be at least one step ahead of each other. LED technology, 3D-printing, interactive solutions and projection techniques are just a few examples of skills that develop faster than the eye can see. At the same time it is essential not to neglect  the conventional below-the-line advertising. This will always be around because people always want to have something tangible to relate to.

Fotolight: flexible and fast, quality, one stop shopping and out-of-the-box!