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Complete corporate identity elements


For over 15 years now Q-Park has been a highly valued partner of Fotolight. We equipped various car parks, indoor as well as outdoor. Corporate identity, sign posting and visualisation at the entrance are very important in these car parks.

Neat and consistent presentation

The rigid colours of the Q-Park logo (red/black) make it possible to create visible and modern corporate identity elements in the car parks. Because Fotolight possesses so many different production techniques, Q-Park is able to keep all their signings in one hand. Every robust entrance is different but Fotolight always takes care of a good result. The sign posting panels indoor are also produced according to the wishes of our partner.
In Amsterdam at the new business district “de Zuidas” Fotolight equipped the car park “Mahler West” with several corporate identity elements. Directly at the entrance an eye catcher is the black panelling decorated with the logo. The information in front of the barrier and the symbols above of the entrance create clear and informative elements that suit together nicely.  

Bumping signs

Fotolight supplies so called bumping signs to mark the parking spaces. The stainless steel borders are strong and are obvious barriers. They suit nicely into the infrastructural environment.


The enormous growth of the number of hybrid and electric cars is the reason for the necessity of new parking spaces and loading stations. For this purpose Fotolight creates panels for sign posting and floor stickers that are especially designed for heavy use and mounting onto concrete.   

Q-Park Amsterdamse Poort – P22

At this entrance one can see clearly if the car park is full or not. Next to the standard information this is an important element. A height warning bar is mounted to emphasise the importance of the maximum height of the vehicle. On this location all is mounted to a bulb steel plate.  

Q-Park Diemerplein

At Q-Park Diemerplein, next to the standard sign posting Fotolight also mounted window decorations in collaboration with the architect. In this way this car park had become seemingly different than other Q-Park locations!

P+R Spaces

Throughout the whole country P+R spaces are constructed. In this way traffic should be banned out of the city centres. Many park spaces are equipped with an entrance pole. The visitor can easily see whether the car park is full or vacant whereas the corporate identity of Q-Park is very present at the same time!