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Rebranding gas stations


Fotolight takes care of rebranding gas stations into the brand Firezone. This consists of mainly cladding of the facade, assembly of the logo and lighting, the shop exterior and interior as well as the gas pumps and the price sign.

Firezone gas station identification

The following work is mostly executed by Fotolight. Old facades are cladded with new panels executed from aluminium composite panels or real aluminium. They are moulded and powdercoated in the corporate identity colours. Afterwards the vinyl foil logo will be mounted onto the facade which will be lit by three led-lit spots. The existing shop will be decorated with red foil and the company slogan so it will be a self-service station. As an eyecatcher, a price sign is mounted with information on pricing, payment methods and an illuminated logo sign.


Firezone facades are made out of aluminium composite panels. This used to be actual aluminium. The composite material is already coated in the desired colour: this means advantages pricewise and productionwise! In order to create brand awareness the logo is mounted onto the facade and is well lit by led spots which Fotolight assembles onto the rooftop. In this way we create a very visible and quickly recognisable gas station!

Price sign

Fotolight also takes care of the information which has to be put across between the big poles alongside a gas station. This information is digitally managed and can always be changed remotely. Next to this information, Fotolight also assembles the fixed information like payment methods  and a light box with logo and slogan in order to generate more brand awareness as well as visibility or signposting.


Often the shops are not active anymore because Firezone is a self-service formula. Fotolight does not break down the shop because it may be used again in the future. We completely decorate the shops with vinyl foil and/or composite panels in order to give the whole place a nice image and at the same time use the shop as a promotional tool!

Gas pump

Obviously “branding” of the gas pump itself must be changed into the new brand as well. The unit doors are steel blasted and powdercoated subsequently. Afterwards we assemble the logo and the numbering. Often also the fuel product in the underground tank changes so we will have to change that accordingly.