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Signing bicycle parkings

Dutch Railroad

In collaboration with various partners, Fotolight takes care of the full equipment of bicycle parks at all Dutch railway stations. Fotolight emphasises on wayfinding in this respect. One can think of light signs, wayfinding panels, floor striping and window decorations!

Bike parking Mahlerplein, Amsterdam

Bike parking Mahlerplein is a new self-service parking which was put into use in 2016. The intensively growing “Zuidas” is the new heart of the business district in Amsterdam. Ideally located in between big offices this is an important parking which had to have a specific business-like feeling. Fotolight did their part in this respect. Because of the size of the parking it was very important to have a thought through sign posting plan combined with good looking items!

Light box on standing pole

At the second entrance towards the “bicycle basement” a new icon was designed. More symbols and less words result in more clarity. This fundamental idea was the reason for Fotolight to install a light box with merely the message “parking place for bicycles” in icons.

Main entrance

At the main entrance Fotolight mounted texts cut out of vinyl foil “first 24 hours free parking”. Thus know the cyclists in case they use the parking for forensic purposes, they do not have to pay while their bike is under surveillance. Moreover we mounted double sided stickers with opening hours and the functions the parking supplies.

Check-in / Check-out

The new system for checking your bike in and out was implemented in this parking. Double sided panels were mounted onto a wooden panel which is glued onto suspension brackets. In this way the panels have a more luxurious image than standard panels.

Sign posting parking rows

Sign posting towards the parking rows was executed the same way we did with the check-in / check-out panels in order to create a homogeneous look.

Extra information

In case people want to park their bike for a longer time, they will be charged. All information that has to do with this , was mounted onto the glass at the entrance.